Pioneer Brand Corrugate

For more than one hundred years, corrugated steel has been the most popular roofing material in New Zealand. Owen Marshall Ltd was arguably the first in New Zealand to begin manufacturing longrun corrugated steel in 1961. Today this iconic profile has become part of the New Zealand landscape. The combination of smooth lines, colour choices, cost effectiveness and versatility continue its demand today for the same reasons as in the bygone pioneer days. Pioneer Brand Corrugate is manufactured by Marshall Industries to any length you require in a variety of materials and colours.

Available In

0.40mm/0.55mm/0.75mm GRADE G300 or G550
Zinc Alloy Galvanised
0.7mm/0.9mm GRADE 5052
Aluminium Plain Colorcote AlumiGard
0.40mm/0.55mm GRADE G300 or G550
ZAM Plain Colorcote MagnaFlow
0.55mm GRADE 304, 316 & 455M2
Stainless Steel